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Sunday, August 03, 2014

Sci-Port 2014

I know it has been forever since I have blogged. I plan to start putting up some posts that I think will help other mom's going through the same things I am. I want to start with a happy update to show how big the kids are!
We took them to Sci-Port and they had such a great time. We needed this trip for so many reasons. We needed that togetherness.
 photo Port27_zpsda327b2a.jpg

Elijah is still Noey's best friend, servant, adorer, and teacher.
 photo Port26_zps4267005d.jpg

Can you even begin to get over these curls? They sort of do me in. He will be 4 in a few days and has never had a haircut in his life. It grows slowly like my sister's hair did.
 photo Port25_zpseb057c82.jpg

Remy is still my adventure seeker. He is the one who helps Noey catch toads and other creatures.
 photo Port24_zps5e111cbc.jpg
 photo Port23_zpsa698db83.jpg
 photo Port13_zpsf118f57e.jpg
 photo Port8_zpsd656858d.jpg
 photo Port9_zps709dadca.jpg
 photo Port1_zpsaa6a65be.jpg
 photo Port6_zps935e27d8.jpg

I am still the instigator of using an object as it is not intended.
 photo Port22_zps3874f360.jpg
 photo Port21_zpsae963cdf.jpg

Remy still takes it way past my silliness into whatever word you would call this...
 photo Port20_zpsaa971a70.jpg
 photo Port19_zps22d2d0b1.jpg

Noey will not be outdone by anyone bigger than himself.
 photo Port18_zpse5d0392f.jpg
 photo Port14_zps1d0c534d.jpg
 photo Port15_zps3fef4b4a.jpg
 photo Port16_zps8ca21a78.jpg
 photo Port17_zps827ab765.jpg

Noey adored this exhibit. He thought he was so high up!
 photo Port12_zps324a0205.jpg

He adores doing anything that places him right beside me. He will pull his chair "really close" to me during school-time.
 photo Port10_zps2b9cf407.jpg

He has a determination that outweighs any of his shortcomings.
 photo Port11_zpsc4bf38a3.jpg
 photo Port5_zps72c7aaf3.jpg
 photo Port4_zps4330490c.jpg

These two fight like crazy, but are still best buds mostly.
 photo Port7_zps9186b1b4.jpg

Noey enjoyed sitting in the smoke tornado.
 photo Port3_zps9b89e95b.jpg

He started showing how sleepy he was around this last photo.
 photo Port2_zps367fdbfd.jpg

I hope some of you are still around and see this update!  


LJS said...

Still around! I hope things are well. You alluded that you are struggling. I have always enjoyed your blog and hope that you have found peace in your days.

Jessica Lee said...

What a lovely post! I enjoyed rea!ding it and catching up on all that your sweet little family has been up to. I draw much iinspiration from your story. I look forward to the next update!

Four Little Penguins said...

Yea for a post!
I can't believe Noah is four already! Your boys have all gotten so big!