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Thursday, November 20, 2014

My Husband's 38th Birthday!

So he hates to admit he is nearing 40. He just yelled out 21 when I was confirming his new age. I thought women were supposed to be the ones who didn't like to age?

Matthew spent most of his day snuggled up in bed or walking around in his jammies. I did get him out of the house to play. The boys always enjoy controlling the car and money on their days. Eli had enjoyed such a treat just days before Matthew's big day. Matthew said he was craving tacos, so tacos it was!

 photo 41fc86e3-49f3-481c-a263-5e923ce2f4b2_zps337a1d26.jpg
 photo b1e825ec-03a7-4cae-9edf-e96a05731527_zps67dc5745.jpg

Noey and his ever present Superman arm in photos. :)

 photo 617c931a-0f35-4317-92b9-fe74b128cd20_zps88191a2c.jpg

Matthew set Noey's Superman up so he could fly as we drove.

 photo f3a20957-c701-411b-adee-994d5f9ba7aa_zps61df39c6.jpg

Matthew is in love with this store called Dirt Cheap. He goes in there all the time....alone! It really cracks me up.

 photo 50b23b96-7f3f-4c4b-8bfa-1f8626f03db8_zps356f2c46.jpg

He wanted hotdogs for supper. Boy Food. Blah!

 photo 9eebcc40-5ff4-4a4f-8248-121fd369d6eb_zpsa7b46ebd.jpg
 photo 01d4cb72-690e-4bfe-91ce-760227ea9785_zps5b67b3d7.jpg

He bought a new charcoal pencil for something he has in mind.

 photo 37d77e43-5487-4935-ad5b-38456970f1da_zps4cde8b53.jpg

He watched the movie he wanted to watch.
 photo 18f01932-bd90-45ac-9432-3137205b49a1_zpsb7b41715.jpg

I kept his birthday pictures black and white because he is my artistic photographer. I must show you his birthday pie I made him in color. It was a German Chocolate Pie.
 photo 432a67b4-5161-442f-8ab3-e1f2196d30ee_zpsa07d8179.jpg

He pulled the boys mattress into the living room where they "camped out" all night. :)
 photo 89933457-52a3-4c09-be8b-76c0b183cb06_zps959ed7e1.jpg
 photo f5c07da8-964a-40a0-b20a-b89567f323e8_zpsec90ea61.jpg

It was a sweet day doing just what he liked. Remy's day is the next one on the calendar. :)

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