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Saturday, November 29, 2008

170 pounds MARK! ~ Week 18

I did it!

I am at 170!

What does this mean?

It means that I am back at the weight when I realized I had an overweight issue on my hands! I am at the point that lead to 195 pounds of me! I remember one day about 1 1/2 years ago when I weighed in at 198 pounds. I remember telling my friend then that I couldn't get to 200. Soon after that I was in my new house and I had been here for about a year. I was then the 194-195 pounds. I was swimming and mowing the yard. I know that this was the only reason I never went over 200. That would have been hard for me. It would have worried me. And I would have been almost 2 people! I can't get there.

The changes in my life since July have been huge. Letting go of weight was so much more than weight. I never saw that coming. W-O-W!

I am so excited about that Christmas photo this year. I will be happy to send it off in the post to all my loved ones. I will not have to hide my old double chin with forcing my husband to photo shop it out or hitting the "make me skinny" button, because it isn't there! HA HA!

I have another 1 1/2 inches off of my measurements as well. I had a half inch off the bust, hips, and lower body fat. :) That is 20.3 inches of loss now.

I have noticed a slow down of loss since the pool water became to cold. I need to bump up the yoga, ballet, and weights again.

I don't post my progress weekly now. But this is a good thing. I did this when I started out so I had to tell everyone how I was doing. And I didn't want to report in that I wasn't staying on track. Now I am 4 and a half months in I think. And things are second nature now. It really is just the way I eat and live my life. Getting to that point is so neat. I rarely have eaten enough calories by the end of the day. And then I get a light snack to finish up the eating of the day. When you have to make sure you eat enough you get a surreal feeling. It is so fun to know you can eat more!

On Thanksgiving I served a healthy and yummy meal. I ate what I wanted. It wasn't much though. And I laughed at how gross the dessert made me feel. It made me feel bad guys. I had to go lie down! I could feel the sugar from the 3 bites of watergate salad and 2 bites of pumpkin bundt cake coursing through me. It was horrible!

Changes in my body are neat. I have just the lower pouch. The top part of my tummy just needs to be tone but it is almost flat! The space between my thighs when I walk is getting bigger and bigger. I can feel the outside of my thighs slimming down. I have to try really hard to make a double chin and it doesn't stay once I lift my head back up. LOL! I breathe easy now with all that pressure off of me.

So the break down is this!

I have 20 more pounds to go until I am 150 pounds. :)

BMI: started out at 33.3 and is now 29.2.

I have lost 24 pounds! ME! 24 pounds!



Alison said...

So proud of you!!

Mamaclsn said...

Good job!! I am so proud of you! Starting at 192 myself, I know the challenge of getting to the point you are now. Congratulations, my dear!

Heather the Mama Duk said...


Michelle said...


Motherbird said...

Congrats! I'm so glad I can read your blog again. Hopefully I'll have mine updated soon.

Laura said...

Congrats! I'm jumping on this band wagon in January!

Rhonda said...

Congratulations! Way to go girl!

Shannon said...

Great Job! I am quite impressed with your progress! I can't wait until I can say that the eating thing is second nature. That will be a wonderful feeling!

heather said...

congrats! you are more than halfway there :) I am so proud of you!! keep up the good work.