A Mom and a Family of Men!

Monday, April 06, 2009

Keeping our Hands Busy

The children and I have just had a spurt of creativity. :)

I have been teaching myself to crochet. (Elijah has also taken it up and is doing quite well. )


The children have discovered "pearler beads" and we can't seem to keep them supplied with enough of them.


Origami has made another come back here at our house. I made sure they had a fresh pack of paper and lots of books from the library.


We are waiting to put in that garden!!!!


Laura said...

Wonderful! Check out my Baby Girl from the Gardens this past weekend!

Tisha said...

Looks like y'all have definitely been bitten by the craft bug. It's so much fun to learn new things. :)

Kristenph said...

Great projects. I love to crochet, but haven't done any in I can't remember how long! Great spring pictures too. Your family is incredibly adorable :-)

Michelle said...

Oh my dragonite loved the perler beads. He made so many and even sent one into the company to be put on the website gallery. You can find it on I think the September or October month under Colton.

Heather the Mama Duk said...

My kids love those iron together beads!