A Mom and a Family of Men!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Answer to Prayer!

Heavenly Father has held us so closely these past weeks. I have to give thanks to him in front of you all. What is stranger is that while I am usually a crazy person when it comes to these kinds of issues, I found such peace and help from those around me. I have NEVER felt so blessed in all of my life. To see God working in our lives in such an intimate way has not only been good for us, the parents, but the children have learned is big ways.

My husband has a job and while it does not equal what he has lost and it will not pay everything, it is more than unemployment, and it helps with the insurance. Having a type one diabetic child and paying cobra is not fun. This is a huge weight off of us. We only have to pay cobra for 3 more months. Be in prayer for us in this.

My husband is still working on a super neat plan for our lives and it is still just so new and I will share it when I can more fully. Be in prayer for my Mattmos while he works hard to make a dream a reality. Pray for guidance!

We are okay! We will make it!

We are very behind in bills, we haven't had normal pay for a long time, and then no pay for a long time. We are looking forward to the back unemployment. I can't wait to grocery shop! We have been living off of NOTHING! But we have always had enough. :)


Sherry said...

God works in mysterious ways, as they say. So glad to hear some income is coming your way again. still praying. :)

Heather the Mama Duk said...

I'm glad he has gotten something. Heavenly Father always has a plan.

Rhonda said...

You just don't know how happy I am to hear this! Thank goodness everything is on the mend. I am still sending prayers your way and can't wait to hear of this big plan your husband has. HUGZ

Michelle said...

Praise the Lord. That is good news for you all.

Amy said...

Praise the Lord....so happy for you guys...what a testimony you have been even in the very short time I've been visiting your blog!{{{Hugs}}}

Kristine said...

Praise God! I know He will continue to provide. We'll keep praying. I'm eager to hear of your hubby's plan. Sounds exciting!