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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

My boys are so big this year! They can do so much by themselves, Wahhhhh!

They each picked out a stencil online for their pumpkin's fate.

Elijah picked this goofy one. And Remy picked Sonic as his design.

Remy helped his daddy get the stencil ready for the pumpkin.


And the boys cleaned out the goop. Remy loved it and took over an hour, he had to do it all, and he had to get every bit out! Elijah was FINE to allow his father to do it.


My sweet messy boy!


Elijah tracing the stencil.





Elijah did all of his. Remy needed help from daddy because his was so much harder.

Remy and Daddy's Sonic pumpkin.


Elijah's silly pumpkin.


I made them homemade funnel cakes. Remy was in heaven! You can get it on Rachel Ray's website. They boys now want me to make them every year when they carve pumpkins.


Elijah came up with a little side project. He made the pumpkin seeds into ghosts.


My little actor.


They had so much fun this year. :)


Sybille said...

Hi! Today you received an award from me! Hope you enjoy :)

Butter said...

Totally awesome! That sonic one came out great! I love the pumpkin ghosties in Remy's hands.

jugglingpaynes said...

I love Elijah's pumpkin! So cute!

And now I need to make funnel cake. Thanks for the heads up!

Peace and Laughter,

Jenneve said...

Looks like they had lots of fun! The pumpkins turned out really cute. I love the seed ghosts. *hee hee* Isn't it bitter-sweet to see the kiddos growing up and becoming more & more independent?

Jenn~ said...

Funnel cake is SO yummy! The boys did a MOST excellent job on their pumpkins this year. Very creative and neat.

Amy said...

The pumpkins look awesome.....we are going to carve ours tomorrow. I have also got to go look up that funnel cake recipe!

Jolene (South Africa) said...

Oh I love them!!! Your boys did amazing jobs with those.

Britwife said...

The pumpkins are adorable! We won't carve ours until a couple of nights before Halloween...it's too cold here and they freeze and rot otherwise.
Were the funnel cakes hard to make?

Rhonda said...

Great job on the pumpkins y'all! I love the little seed ghosts. Very creative.