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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Happy Birthday NICOLE!!!!!

We celebrated our sweet friend Nicole's birthday
tonight. How very nice to know we have a whole new year with her! If you have a special friend let them know how much you adore them. Take the time to love them for who they are and make some memories! :)


I just love this lady and her warm and inviting smile! :) She is always so cheery and just makes sure you feel loved on by the time you leave. I love women who like to mother you and uplift you. You know the kind....you leave from them and your better for the time you had with them. VERY RARE! Cherish it if you find it!

Oh and, Nicole, baby is kicking up a storm! HA HA


A Higher Calling Christian Academy said...

Darn it, Chelita! I'm sitting here about to CRY!! Thank you! I love you!!!

Mama Teaching 2 said...

Love you, too, sweet friend.