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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Used Homeschool Curriculum Book Sale

I love this sale every year. LOVE IT! Each year when the children are getting ready to leave public school I start thinking about this sale. I love going and picking out neat things I would have never happened upon without such a sale. I love hugging on my mama friends and seeing all the children I adore. I got some yummy snuggles in with my little Elizabeth, Nicole's baby while I was there. Just fun!



I will not run down the list of what I bought...but it is fun stuff! And you will see if pop up on the blog when we use it anyway. ;)


Julia said...

Wow, lots of great stuff!

Rhonda said...

Great finds! I love rummaging through used books. You can always find such wonderful treasures for your kids.

Jessica said...

Oooo... its so fun to get new stuff!

Heather the Mama Duk said...

Looks like great stuff!

Beyond Blessed said...

We are using the same COnsidering God's Creation for science! We love it!!! I wish I hadn't had to pay full price for it, though!! $40 But it's worth it :)

Mama Teaching 2 said...

Oh, Jenna, we are really enjoying it here! I got mine for $5 bucks!