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Saturday, May 08, 2010

Vegetarian Time's 21-Day Lunch Challenge!

Why not join Nicole and I as we dive head first into this 21 day healthy lunch challenge with Vegetarian Times? It starts on May 10th and will end on the 30th. She and I are in it, win or fail! HA HA


Just click that nifty photo above and you can read all about it!

full article explains even more...so give that a quick read as well.

The challenge is simple. For 21 days, you’ll make your own lunch, go for a brisk 30-minute walk, and take a mini meditation break. That’s it.

I will be breaking this up a little for myself and adding in my children and husband in on the challenge as much as possible. Making all of our lunches with fresh whole foods is the biggest part of this for me. We will be trying things we may not have tried and I will TRY to blog each day for you all. Instead of walking, my pregnant hips are KILLING me people, I may just swim or ride my inside exercise bike for 30 minutes. Instead of mediation, that sounds wonky to me, I will be praying for 10 minutes, mainly for God to help me to stay on task with this. HA HA!

Don't even think about it. Just say you will do it and then do your best. If you blog it let us know! Nicole and I want to read along! Before you get out those pens to make those grocery lists do these things first:

You will want to sign up for
VT's Food Editor Mary Margaret Chappell's newsletter. She is taking the challenge and writing about it. Her newsletter is the first option on the list of VT's newsletters.

Second, bookmark the
Editor's Blog as this will also help with ideas along the way.

Search www.vegetariantimes.com for recipes, read that whole article as it has recipe ideas, and make a list.

Another great blog to read for ideas is
Jennifer McCann's wonderful writings at the "Vegan Lunch Box". She has a fresh way of making it fun for the kids...so be sure to start at the start of her blog and read through.

Okay, that is it! Bumble Baby and I are so ready for the yummy foods starting on MONDAY!


Julie said...

Ah, you are a brave women. After this vacation..we are definitely going on a health kick. I'll go check it out right now!!

Mica said...

Just popping in to see how you guy's are doing...Lots of stuff I see...How are you??? Also wanted to wish you a Happy Mothers Day!!! Mica/The Child's Paper