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Monday, January 03, 2011

Elijah's "Three Little Pig" Birthday Cake

Elijah had another order for a birthday cake. The theme was the three little pigs.


His cake was iced and the new marshmallow fondant he tried this time was ready to be dyed.


Working away...



Remy made a "bug" cake. He had alot of fun and said he understood why Eli loves to do cake some much. ;)


Working on his big bad wolf.


The finished cake!
Elijah says the story to this cake is the two pigs are running out of the stick house to the brick house. The third industrious pig is working away in his garden. :)




He has a pony cake order for March I think it is. :) Be on the lookout for it.

He earned enought to almost pay for his new DSi with all of his cakes. :) He was so proud!


Claire said...

Go Eli! Just think, one day he will be a Daddy and make the coolest birthday cakes in town for his kids.

Jessica said...

I think that is just amazing. You must be so proud of him! Watching him progress in his baking skills over your blog has truly been a pleasure!

Sharon Posey said...

It is the most amazing feeling when you do an art and people love it and buy it. I want a DSi too!

Great Job, Eli and Remy!

Jennifer said...

He is SO GOOD! Congratulations, Elijah!

Retro said...

If you lived close enough I'd be putting in an order for all of our family's birthdays!!
Great job, Elijah!!

Donette said...

i want lessons :D.
Great job!!!

Jolene said...

WTG Eli!!! You are doing such a great job with your cakes. If I lived closer (like on the same continent, LOL) I would definitely order my cakes from you :)

Rhonda said...

That is just the cutest cake ever! He did a great job on it. So talented. Those classes are really paying off. I know that you are one proud momma.

Jessica said...

He is doing a fantastic job!!

Mick said...

That is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! Truly. I stand in awe of your little man. :)

Amy said...

Wow...this cake is amazing! Can I ask how much he charges for a cake like this?

Mama Teaching 3 said...

I think he made around 40 for this one, Amy.