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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Giving Some Praise for a Young Friend

I have this young friend whom I love dearly. She is a life long homeschooler who is very quiet unless she has something to say. But when she has something to say she really has something to say. I always look forward to her ideas and thoughts. She has this sweet way of talking. I just adore her. When she comes to my house or I to hers she always has me a little gift waiting. I keep everything she makes me.

My son elijah informed me that she spends a good bit of time looking up crafts and artsy things to make on the computer. I can believe it!

Anyway, I treasure this young lady. And now that you know I am bonkers about her I would like to share her latest accomplishment. Are you ready? Be ready...your not going to believe what she did for her very first painting.

My young friend's painting

Enjoy and leave her some love, please! I think she will be giving lessons before she has them!

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