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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My First Book of the New Year....51 to go!

I FINALLY finished my first book for my 52 books in 52 weeks thing I am trying to accomplish. I read:

I laughed so much through this book. Dr. Popkin has a way of wording things that can really help you lighten up and see your child for who he is. I also saw what my poor mother dealt with when raising me. Yes, my name is Chelita, and I was a spirited child. HA HA.

I have been using some of his methods with Remy and they work! I found very helpful the mini chapter at the back of the book that my husband could read through and ask for more information from me. He doesn't have hours to read a parenting book with his schedule, but he so wanted to read this one. That back chapter that summarizes the whole book was very useful.

Dr. Popkin speaks from experience, his son was a very spirited child as well. If you have a curious, adventurous, powerful, persistent, and sensitive child, you may benefit from this book. It was an easy read that flowed and made you want to keep reading.

I called my mother one day after reading and told her about this book. I apologized for what I had put her through during my childhood. Love you, MOM!

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