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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 14 ~ My Husband

The love of my life and I have been married for 13 years today! I must say that it doesn't feel like 13 years, more like 3. We have had such a full life together. These past few months a shift has taken place. I had always heard of this shift. I never really understood it. You know, the one that puts your mate in this new light in your eyes. He isn't just my passionate love of my youth, he is more, he means more than that now. Matthew is the one I crave to watch every movie with, to wash dishes with, to laugh with, to just be with. I am comfortable in his presence.

Nothing in the world is better than the way I feel with him. I am so safe. We talk about everything. We argue about everything. HEE HEE. But it is changing, even the disagreements. I don't know how to explain this change. We know we can be who we are with each other and that the other will love us no matter what. It is very wonderful.

Matthew picks on me more than when I was his girl bride so long ago. He had to stop back then or I would resort to tears! Silly girl.

I love the way he rushes home to do anything to help me. That man has done more laundry, cooking, cleaning, and child rearing than I ever thought he would need to do. He never complains. He always tells me he wishes to do more.

Many people have felt I depend on him too much. I tell him this and his eyes get big and he shakes his head really big and exclaims that is nonsense and that he loves that I need him. Have I ever mentioned how I love that man?

Our third birth was so neat. As I labored that wee baby into the world admist pain and screams, I watched him. His calmness this time was a comfort. I knew he understood and trusted my body. He treated the day as a fun getaway from our daily lives. he would come in and out of the room, take some photos, chat a bit and then go back to the big boys in the other room.

I realized tonight that Matthew had never bathed NOAH! I almost cried when I realized it. I asked him to soap him up for me and he said, "OH, I have never done this." I didn't realize he had allowed me to play with my baby doll so much. I felt so bad. He usually takes him after I bath him and he dresses him. He knew I loved bathing babies so he didn't even ask in the whole six months time.

Matthew is the type of man who works hard, comes home and pushes through his fatigue to love on his boys, even when he is painfully tired. He spends every free moment with us. My boys are so blessed to have such a present father. Everything he makes is ours. Everything he does is for us.

We will spend this Valentine's our 13th wedding anniversary with our boys today. It is only fitting. We are all his loves. We know without a doubt that we are his most prized. Where a man puts his time and money is where is heart is.

I could go into the whole past story of how we met, how we married, and all that. But I want to think of NOW. I love those stories. I love the years we have spent together. I am just in love with this new found peaceful love he gives me. I feel we are cleaving together more and more as the years pass on. It is Matthew I want when I am tired, hungry, or hurt. I am so happy it was him that God planned for me.

Matthew, there is no one else in this whole world like you. I sometimes feel I am so blessed it cannot last. Remember when we were dating and I asked you if you were an Angel from heaven sent to me? I never knew there were men like you. To tell you the truth, I have never met your match, dear man. I enjoy what some would deem a boring life. I love our home, our children, our love. I will never leave you or forsake you. For me it is my Lord first, then you, and then my children. Your the second person in my list of loves. Without you, none of them would be possible.

I know I account my journey to my salvation with Ninny Jackson, I also, owe some of that to you. You helped me to find my grown up love for Christ. I tear up to think of how blessed I am to have a husband who loves Jesus. My prayer is for us as a family to work on our love for him together even more this year.

You make me feel safe and peaceful, Mattmos. You have made my life happy. You make the other 95% of the men in the world look so pitiful. Your in a class of amazing men.

Thankyou for saying yes to this question I posed to you long ago, "Can I keep you?"



Rhonda said...

This just made me cry my eyes out. You two have a love like no other. You are so blessed. Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Anniversary.

Sharon Posey said...

OMG, I'm gonna cry!
That was beautiful Chelita!!

jugglingpaynes said...

Have a lovely Valentine's Day and a beautiful anniversary! I have enjoyed reading about all of your valentines this month!

Julia said...

I simply love the way you two love each other... it is absolutely amazing ♥ Happy Anniversary!

Retro said...

That photo of you is PHENOMENAL! Your eyes are amazing!