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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Cassidy, Sabrina, and Jessie - Books 7, 8, and 9

I have read three books this month! I will try my best to read as many as I can for my goal.

I read this series of three book by Lori Wick, starting with Cassidy.

This book starts you on your journey in this little town. A new pastor is finding his way with serving his flock, and a young woman is finding her way into a future she has only dared to pray for. She comes with a need for family and belonging as she sets up shop in the town. She finds that and so much more.

I need sweet books like this one. :)

I really enjoyed the Sabrina book because she came with one of those pasts that could really keep one from God. I love the way her story unfolds and her life with the now not so new Pastor to Token Creek mingle in such a sweet way. This book reminds me of how brothers and sisters in Christ can and do forgive as he does at times and we can and do bring each other into a fold of forgiveness and love. We are all sinners...waiting to be saved. I think this one was my favorite of all three.

The last book in the series so far was about a woman who is a wonderful person, but she can't see or believe in the realness of God. This is so true of most of us. Most people live beautiful lives, they love others, and they do nothing really wrong. This is the hardest type of life to have of all because it makes us believe we can save ourselves. I enjoyed traveling Jessie's road of forgiveness with her.

I read through all of these books so quickly. They blessed my heart. They even reminded me to pray for my husband more. This was something I had relaxed on. We all need good stories to bless our hearts and help us move forward for the Kingdom.


Catherine Anne said...

Oh, they look so good~ I love to read and I even love it more when I find time to read.

~Jenn~ said...

I love reading Christian fiction. These look like a great series. I will be sure to keep an eye out for them.