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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Eli Sickness Update!

Yes, it is LATE!

Both his Endo (diabetes specialist) and Ped wanted me to take him in for fluids in the local emergency room at about 11pm. I am like WHAT? I just need a prescription to calm the bouts of extreme vomiting. I know that the vomiting is not a cause of the ketones and his sugar is low. I know it is because he hasn't kept food down and I haven't been able to give him normal doses of insulin which resulted in low blood sugars and high ketones.

I say yea, yea, yea.

And then the inner healer/midwife that I very much am was ready to HEAL with love and time. I got some Q-tips and dipped them in organic peppermint oil for him to smell and taste when he became sick. I started my "magical" sick day vitamin regimen that I learned in my midwifery training. This would take care of the nausea and help his immune system. I then inlisted Eli in the fight to heal himself. I so believe in that inner physician. He was like yea lets try for a few hours and then make a decision to go if we still need to. So with the young man with me and ready to do this although he was so SICK feeling and all he wanted to do was sleep and give up we began.

I checked sugars every hour.
They stayed from 40 to 120. I knew when he got to 120 that we were on to something. He had been using his fat stores for energy resulting in the ketones. We needed to get some real sugar and food in him. It was mostly gatorade and simple sugars, but his body finally had something to EAT! Which resulted in a normal sugar of 120.

He drank two glasses of liquid with 1 unit of insulin every hour. Since we are checking every hour I was not worried about lows. We would catch it. :)

I am happy to report that we had an ALMOST CLEAR ketone strip! A small trace amount. This is down from his last strip when we started at the highest point of the spectrum. He was so proud of himself.

But since we have brought the ketones down he is looking GOOD. And since the sugars he ate are in his body he has pepped up of course. And the fluids have made him so vibrant looking.

Now he is begging for Wii (Matt's co-worker sent a new game for them to try since Eli was sick) at 2 am in the morning.

I know this sounds scary to everyone. But Eli is me made over. He loves to tend to people and he is very much a believer of the "ladder of care". I have always strived for him to know he has an illness that means he needs to take extra care of himself. BUT it shouldn't make him one to run to the doctor or hospital until he has tried to care for himself safely first.

This kid cheered when he got the fever finally tonight. He knew he was on the path of healing. And he knows so much about the endocrine system because of his illness.

I am just glad that for now we don't have to go in and spent the night at the Emergency room for 1 bag of fluids. We turned it around here at home.

But while he gets to sleep tonight I will be up checking an tending to him every hour on the hour until he is normal. And then I get to wait for me to get sick and Remy. Matthew already feels icky.

Keep thinking of him!


Tisha said...

That's just so awesome! WTG Momma and Eli! I'm glad you have some pep and maybe you'll be back to 100% soon. We just went through this last week with my 2 and now I think it's my turn! UGH!!

Rebecca said...

Gosh! I haven't been checking blogs this weekend - so sorry to hear Eli is so sick. It is so awesome you were able to turn this around at home. You go girl! Hope he feels better soon and you and Eli and Matthew do NOT get it! *yeah, right, huh?* Never works that way here, but here's hopin'!

Mama Teaching 2 said...

Oh no Tisha! Take care you yourself! I hate that mess but when PG! OH NO!

Matthew was sick yesterday, but he just sucks it up and deals. Always has. It is very rare for him to be really sick. Me on the other hand...I will get it and be a handful!

Rhonda said...

My thoughts and prayers are with y'all. He is such a strong kiddo and you, my friend, are a great mom!

Heather the Mama Duk said...

How awesome is that! Good for you (and Eli) for kicking this illness yourselves.

Jenn said...

Great job, mom & Eli! I'm so glad he's feeling better now & you were able to stay out of the hospital! Chelita, you're gonna have to fill me in on the secret so I can be prepared the next time Jack gets sick.