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Sunday, September 07, 2008

I HATE diabetes!

Eli has had a stomach thing today but it isn't flu like. Just that gastro thing that almost whips the best of us. :( Add into that his type 1 juvenile diabetes and UGH! He had HIGH ketones the one time I caught him peeing which isn't much when you are SICK. His sugars are low even with feeding. But we feed and give insulin and check ketones as much as possible. I check his sugar every hour. My poor young man!

I will say this.

He is not my baby anymore.

Oh, you say this can't be true?

But it is. Today when he was throwing up or at his worst he just wanted me OUT and NOT touching him! *sigh*

I will always remember you my little baby Eli (Man-Man). But I adore this young man before me as well. I say bring it on...grow up and make me proud! :)

Please be in prayer that he makes a turn around soon. I do not want to be in the hospital. *sigh* He is finally running a fever, thanks be to GOD! So now his body can toast those critters that are making him so ill. Burn em' up! *EVIL LAUGH*


Motherbird said...

poor baby..I mean, growing boy. Hope he feels better soon!

Brenda said...

I didn't know your baby (excuse me, young man) had diabetes! Hope he is feeling and doing better. Keep us updated.

Tisha said...

I hope he's better soon. :(

Laura said...

I just cried over this. I am not a person that can handle bodily fluids very well - you know this, of course - but that mother instinct kicks in when Alise is sick like that and all I know to do is pat her back and hold her hair back. The day that she pushes me out of the bathroom will kill me!

I hope your Man-Man is feeling better soon!

Michelle said...

Wow, I had had no idea that diabetes could make an illness for a child to be so different then a healthy child.

Mama Teaching 2 said...

Laura, I am the same way! But each time he grows up and able to be his own rock I am ready. I know that I, ME, HIS MOTHER, helped to make him that strong and independant! :)

I did however baby him with food and kind words when he was in bed. :)

Michelle, it is different, but knowing how to deal with it is something you learn.

Heather the Mama Duk said...

I hope he's better. Being sick is yucky, but being sick and also having diabetes is horrible.

Cameron doesn't want me around anymore when he is bathing, but at least he still needs his Mommie when he is sick. Only a matter of time, though...