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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

And people wonder why I don't support government ran schools...

Just ask any government school child or the product of these wonderful government schools (raising my hand and screaming ME ME ME!) about the pilgrims. Go on, and then come back and tell me what you learned.

Before I schooled my children I believed that the Pilgrims were sweet gentle people who just wanted to be left be. So they boarded a ship called the Mayflower and they lived in the country I now live in. They started my country. And that I was blessed to live here. My government education went on to tell me that they wore perfectly starched whit and black clothing in pristine condition.

I remember faintly hearing that some of the pilgrims died. BUT NO ONE SAID HALF! I am sure this was to protect my youthful and trusting outlook on life. To have me not ask more questions. Had I known what these men, women, and children went through for me to have the right to exsist in this country were I am free I would have taken my life more seriously. I wouldn't have wasted it on what I wasted it on. I would have fought harder to keep these rights precious.

Wanna know how I and millions of other young precious children that parents love so very much and trust to the government ran schools are lied to? Come on, bear with me. Every parent I know LOVES and is CRAZY about their children. Those children are the reason they exsist. Almost every parent I know is a GREAT parent. They want the BEST for their kids. But free education is just too enticing. And well, your child gets what you pay for.

I don't say this to be mean. I do believe there are GREAT teachers out there. But there are not enough. And our sweet children are being taught to a test. Tests that don't tell us a heap of nothing about our smart kids minds. And these kids don't have time to study on their own and if they do they should be playing. After school and 5 hours of homework (my public school mama friends tell me this is true) these kids are burned out. They are still behind when you look at other children in the world. We spend more on our children to educate them. And we are churning out kids who are tired of school or just plain tired. But still not learning. I am talking about real learning. Truth. And nothing but the truth.

The pilgrims didn't wear perfect black and white costumes.

It would look more like this:

You don't have to believe me. Just start asking people what the pilgrims wore. Then ask them what they know about them. If they don't tell you that they were jailed for wanting to leave the church of England and that they went against LAWS to worship God how they felt they should. If they tell you that the pilgrims were just sweethearts and just came over here to get away look out! Government education at it's finest. I never knew they didn't just come from one place to here. REALLY! Holland never came up in my watered down versions in the government written and picked "textbooks" I was issued to borrow.

I never knew that Pilgrim or Separatist children worked to provide a very poor living for the family. I never knew they went without education. I never knew that those parents made the then tough decision to board a ship to come here even if at that moment they were relatively safe and free to worship. Then they met more obstacles. I don't know about you, but almost everyone I knows will quit if met with more than 1 or 2 obstacles. These people weren't sweet and mild. They didn't obey anything set forth to them other than the convictions in their hearts from reading a newly translated bible.

No one ever taught me in government schools that families were seperated. Some still in jail in England. I was never told that they lived through CRAP on that ship! I was never told of the hardships they faced once they were docked. They then lived on the ship for 4 months! And then half of them die by that March!

These women, children, and men DIED for what they believed in. They wanted their children to be free to worship God. They wanted their children to be able to work and see the profit of that work. They didn't want them working in factories or missing out on the education gained from being free.

But yet day after day we send our children to a government ran institution that feeds them watered down curriculum *cough* lies. And we wonder why the kids we bump into can't make change, or figure out things on their own. They haven't been inspired! Why should they care? They have been fed the watered down version that was nicer and wrapped up in a binded carefully selected textbook.

You can say all you want that it was MY fault or MY mother's fault that I didn't know this stuff! But I say NO! Our government has spent about $99,000 on me alone to attend a government ran school that promised my mother they would teach me what I needed to know. WHY DID SHE NEED TO DO A THING? I went to school for how many hours a day? I was sent to the place that said they could do better than my mother or a private school.

$99,000 dollars later and I was a high school dropout because I was BORED and was TIRED of the same mess being taught each year. I was TERRIFIED of tests. I couldn't do math beyound LONG DIVISON. And heck after grade 10 I still thought the Pilgrims were just really sweet people who boarded a ship and grew corn with the Indians that first year. They were crisp black and white pristine costumes. And life was happy and good.

I don't know about you guys but having talked about the real stuff with my kids I am fired up! I live in this country and teach my children at home. These are rights I have because CHILDREN died for me. Families said the heck with this mess we will leave. And then they didn't falter. They didn't grow weary. They kept going.

This could have kept me going in that mind numbing induced state I found myself in while my butt warmed a desk in the government schools. Wasting away almost $99,000 dollars in taxpayer money. I was forced to sit there. And so I did. Until I could leave. And I did just that.

Only when my education meant something, only when it would pave for me the path to the job I felt passionate about did I do something.

Why should those taxpayers have paid $99,000 dollars for me to screw around? If there is a need then we will put the work in. But if we keep spending 9 to 10,ooo dollars a year on these kids and we keep feeding them the same crap so the tests look good, so the government employees get paid we are in a whirlwind of trouble. Nothing is going to change. We need to fire these kids up! We need to give them a purpose for even breathing!

We need to teach them the truths! COME ON! We have come to far, we have sacrificed too much! Children have died for your child to have the right to learn and grow, and worship or not worship!

I don't homeschool because it is fun all the time.

I don't homeschool because it is cool or different.

I homeschool because I refuse to send my child to a school that will spend 10,00o on them a year but then want me to be the one who does hours of homework a night. Haven't they already been to school? Haven't they already done this work? I don't send them to the government because I want a free thinking man to emerge from these boys I love. I want them to READ and know TRUTHS so they can decide how they feel. I don't want them to be fed that our government is so wonderful and we should just all do what it says! This is going backwards! We must question! We must fight! We must keep the officials we elect shaking in their boots! Their service should be one that they feel led to fill! They should do this because they have to in order to fell true to themselves!

I know I am on a tangent lately. But I am sick! I am tired! And I am really tired of being nicey nice and saying, "Oh yea, I am special to homeschool. And this isn't for the majority."

EVERY child I know who does well in the public system does well because their parents sit up all night doing homework. They check over papers. They quiz them. They teach them what the teachers can't teach in hours of class instruction! People! Your children are not stupid! The system is stupid! These are your babies! These children you labored to bring forth are your babies! Everything you do is to be for them!

I implore you to just open your hearts and minds to what I am saying. If you really think the government school is where your child belongs, start fighting the system! Make it work for your child, not YOUR CHILD working for it!

If your child is fine and you are okay with how things are then YAY for you! Tell me I am on crack! But if you aren't, if something I say tweaks your heart a bit, get ready to fight. One parent can make a difference. One parent at a time. One good teacher at a time. But we can't wait for teacher's unions and the government to do this.

Albert Shanker who was the former president of the American Federation of Teachers said and I quote, "When school children start paying union dues, that's when I'll start representing the interests of schoolchildren."

Is you jaw on the floor? Is it?

Rockefeller who was BIG in starting our government ran and funded schools had a "little" Rockefeller Education Board. Want to know what that board said? "In our dreams...people yield themselves with perfect docility to our molding hands. The present educational conventions fade from our minds, and unhampered by tradition we work our own good will upon a grateful and responsive folk. We shall not try to make these people or any of their children into philosophers or men of learning or men of science. We have not to raise up from among them authors, educators, poets or men of letters. We shall not search for embryo great artists, painters, musicians, nor lawyers, doctors, preachers, politicians, statesmen, or whom we have ample supply. The task we set before ouselves is very simple...we will organize children...and teach them to do in a perfect way the things their fathers and mothers are doing in an imperfect way."

Okay, still NOT passing out?

Government ran schools have watered down the curriculum in order to make it easier. In order to make it appear they are doing their job. Children who leave the 12th grade today couldn't have passed the 7th grade just some short years ago.

That leaves a BAD taste in my mouth.

Feel free to let me have it, if you feel the need to defend them.


Heather the Mama Duk said...


Jamie's Mayflower passenger ancestor wasn't even a "Pilgrim" (as in he was a colonist, not a separatist). He came here not for religious freedom, but rather for the adventure of it. He came as an indentured servant to a family of separatists. About half of the Mayflower passengers were colonists.

Sherri said...

You are right, Heather! Many of the pasengers were only in it for the adventure.
Chelita, we were also shocked when we studied what really happened with the pilgrims..it was all new to me too!
Just look at the mess in our school board right now!!!!!! Every day I read about it and thank God that my children are being taught at home...that I don't have to worry about the STUPID, PETTY MESS GOING ON THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Preach on!!!!!!!!!

Mama Teaching 2 said...

Heather, YES! I thought this to be such a neat fact! I was NEVER told this as well. WHY? Makes me so angry!

Sherrie, we are truly blessed to have these moments with OUR children. But I worry and wonder what to do to help fix the situation millions of other children are in.

We need to stop soaking money into the schools and making schools work for the children!

Brenda said...

Boy, you did get fired up girl!!!!!

I think you have only hit the tip of the iceberg too! I suspect as we get further in our kids' schooling we will discover more and more we were never taught!

Jessica said...

Thanks Chelita, I appreciate your fired up post. I find I become too "nice" in my homeschool blog because of all of my many readers (family and friends) that I don't want to offend, but many times I really want to do just what you did. People don't realize that because no one is given a truthful and quality education, that is why the country is fallen apart. Because people as children have been taught not to care. No one has given them a valuable education and shown them just how hard it was to have the country that we have! People just let the government do what ever they want, take whatever they want. No one is educating "statesman", they aren't educating free thinkers, they are dumbing us down for their own selfish purposes. I guess that is another reason why this election makes me so angry- with both sides and them just wanting to take and take. UGH!

Thankfully once I began homeschooling, my watered down pilgrim stories from the 1st grade got replaced with wonderful truthful stories. I still remember one where the mom had to sew money into her dress and stow her children away in a barrel because she couldn't afford their passage, just to come here. No one has real conviction anymore. No passion. I want my kids to have passion, not care what Sally is wearing to school today.

And sadly the frustration I feel sometimes towards those I know and love who just can't SEE it, is sometimes more than I can take. It's right in front of their faces and they ignore it. The craziness of running your kids to school, back, homework, taking the baby in and out of a car seat from one school to the next lesson, just makes me so sad. I could never live my life like that. That is not life to me. Thanks for reawakening me to how much I love this! And how grateful I am to be able to see clearly and give my children the truth.

Sherri said...

Yes, I know that we need to also be concerned about what is going on with other children, but what are we to do? Our main focus has to be our children because it is not within our right to make decisions for other parents. I think the best thing that we can do is to do the best job of homeschooling that we can. Others will see that it works and may be encouraged to do the same. Really, that's our greatest tool!

Rhonda said...

Kudos to you and this post! You really know how to tell it like it is girl!

Tisha said...

Preach it, sister! I'm sure in my homeschooling journey I'm going to be put in a state of shock as well with things that were sugar coated when they were taught. :(

Oh, I totally agree with Sherri's last comment! Sooooo true!

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Kristenph said...

Excellent post! I agree 100%!