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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Worth blogging about again!

To follow up on this a great read is Gatto's HUGE read of how and why forced public education is even here. He wrote "The Underground History of American Education".

John Stossel was a brave man to take on the big business of the Teacher's Union and the forced government schools. John, you did a good thing, and I hope they have stopped TPing your house by now. HEE HEE!

Also on a sidenote: I have best pals with kids in public school. But I can say with confidence that I see some of these children doing well because of the tireless dedication their parents have to them. You can't just park your child in a government ran enterprise and think your j-o-b is done! Know what your kids are learning, learn it with them, take them on outings to bring it alive! And if you find your teaching them yourself anyway...just bring them home and take all the credit! HEE HEE!

If I had to I would work 3 jobs to put my child in the private of my choice. I think other than homeschooling that private is the next way to go. I understand how some may feel they can't do this thing called homeschooling or that the child wouldn't have friends.

Which is funny. I have 10 or more kids coming to a fall party on Friday. Wonder how my backwards unsocial children came up with those pals? Mmmmmm....

Yes, I am feeling a little fiesty tonight! Blame it on the Debates. Blame it on reading too much. I am just in a heap of fiesty!

Maybe I have just lost too much weight! LOL!


Heather the Mama Duk said...

It's amazing just how unsocialized my kids are around other kids.


Yeah, right.

Jessica said...

Yeah, I have watched this 20/20 many times. The keynote speaker showed it at our State homeschooling convention once too. And when I mention it to other "people" they dismiss it. My SIL even said "You can't base Americas schools on one student who didn't know what the Civil War was for." Okay? Never mind that these were supposed to be some of the top students. That is why I was so angry when the school vouchers for private education came up last year in our state and the NEA fought tooth and nail to get it voted down and they won! I was so mad. I had to just let it go, especially since my MIL was against it. It's hard when people you know and love don't get it. I tried to get her to watch it and she refused. That is another reason why I also get frustrated when government and the NEA is against homeschooling. It is all about an agenda because they should realize that private and homeschools save tax payers millions of dollars. If we get rid of them, then what? More stupid kids and even less money to go around? That will be so much better, right? (eye rolling)