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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Eli's Day

Eli had a birthday check that was burnin a HOLE in his pocket. We took him to the bank and he signed his check. :)


Look at that cash!

He then had dinner with Miss Taylor and her family at a pizza place in town.

Afterwards he purchased his game he had been looking at for a while. He is playing it now. *laugh*

While we were waiting to for Taylor and her family to show up we went into GoodWill and they had a school desk like he wanted for 7 dollars! YAY!

A great start to a new year! :)


Sherri said...

I was thinking he had outgrown his other little desk :(. Was it hard to put that one up?
Carter has the My Sims for kids on his DS...they love it too! Eli's so cute..he has those Wii controllers in his hand in all of his pictures..haha! I'm glad our boy had a good day!!!

Charlotte said...

Oh, we LOVE our school desk like that. It makes a great end table in the living room, but it's functional, too...Samuel prefers it to any other seat in the house for his writing and math. Atley, well...he's Atley, so no desk for him!

Mama Teaching 2 said...

Sherrie, it was a little hard to give up. Remy is giving his dora desk to my niece and taking Eli's. :)

Heather the Mama Duk said...

Great deal on that desk! What a fun birthday!

Rhonda said...

Melanie loves her "My Sims" game! I bet he is having a blast with his. That school desk is just awesome for only $7! Great deal!