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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Our Tucker...Happy First Birthday

Most of my long time readers here will know that Sabrina is my GIRL! She and I became fast friends during her first pregnancy. I have helped her bring both of her children into the world. I am blessed to have those moments.

She has always done her births her way. She has went against family and friends to have the births she believes her babies deserve. But she has not had easy births. Her first with Mikey ended with a section after days of labor. The little stinker decided to be posterior. His mama was so strong. Some of those moments in her labor still haunt me. I always will remember the sting of one of my favorite clients not getting the birth she so desired. :(

Life moved on and Mikey grew and grew. And soon Tucker was on his way. By this time Sabrina and I was as close as I had ever been to anyone. She was my sister, friend, and mother when needed. :)

She informed me of her desires for her second birth. It took me a moment but I fully accepted them and set forth on the path to help her reach them. Tucker's labor was WONDERFUL! I saw her work so hard and not give up. I was very proud of her. And then she pushed...pushing was hard. Tucker was born and due to an infection he was not perking up.

He was the first baby to scare me this way.

He was treated for the infection and a Sabrina dealt with so much in those first weeks. My heart has always broken for her...thinking of the lost time she had missed with him. That chic was a machine...the things she did and endured...I will never understand. It was a mother's fierce love that drew her on when things were so hard.

I was very emotional today. He turned one around lunch time. The events of those early days and weeks do haunt me.

I love you Tucker! Aunt Eta will always remember what you taught me. You were a test for me. And the answers have taken me a year to sort through. I am grateful for your presence and I love you dearly! I marvel over each smile and each new thing you do. You are a delight to me. And even though blood seperates us...I am your Auntie never the less. You and your brother mean so much to me. I miss you so much when you are away from me. And I can't get enough time with you when you are here. :)

Now that your a mobile crazy boy I want you to give them all heck! :) If your unsure on how to go about such a task...just ask Mikey. He is the pro! Hee hee!

Grow strong and well little boy. I couldn't love you more if you were my own child. I will be here to help mama raise you!

And I will always be watchful for the next baby who decides to scare me so. Thankyou for the training little guy.


Laura said...

I'm crying in my Cheeseburger Soup!!

Mama Teaching 2 said...

Hee hee! I adore you Laura!

Rhonda said...

Aww how beautiful. You have such a good heart girlio!

Butter said...


Charlotte said...

(((HUGS))) This is the first year in three years that we don't have a Thanksgiving baby.

Mama Teaching 2 said...

Charlotte, that is right! :( But hey, I hope to get your way to eat up your baby with lots of kisses and hugs. He can be our fall baby. :)