A Mom and a Family of Men!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

More Family Time Day 2...

Before the funeral my father brought out all the toys and HE made a mess with my two. I mean you couldn't see space on the floor because of it. HEE HEE...

Although my father has greatly improved in his baby skills (he was so not a baby person when I had my babies) he is really enjoying my two grown up. I am glad I can give him the boys that he never had. :) He was so cute with them. :)


It was really so good for my mother to have her 4 grandchildren there. She looks so tired in this photo...but she is still my pretty mama. :) And Amy is full of life as always. :)


Oh and look...I have photographic proof of the pink cupcake bribery I used on my niece. *giggle* Hugs for cupcakes...it's a fair trade for an Auntie to make!


These two handsome young men are my Uncle's two children (my mother's brother) and I hadn't seen them for YEARS! Like 13 or so. My Aunt Lisa had to leave my Uncle for many reasons and through my own life I hadn't seen any of them because I didn't live in town. But to see them all grown up...oh they are so handsome! And I am so proud of Jeremy serving our country and Dakota soon to follow! :) I love you two young men! I better get a letter! I will track you down!


Jeremy is so special to me...I took care of him during summers at my Ninny Austin's house. I earned some of my first money watching that kid. :) Hugging him in my arms just felt so good! He will be a great success I just know it. :) I am so proud!

I need to scan a photo of him as a baby. :) He was so cute!

I miss my mother, sister, and grandmother so much! I can't wait to go to back! I find myself wondering what they are doing...I want to go shopping with my sister...I want to have fun with them. The visit was so hard this time...I can't wait to meet up again for sweeter reasons. :)


Rhonda said...

That cupcake photo is too cute!

Vicki said...

Your nephews ARE very handsome. Jeremy looks so young, how old is he?

Sherri said...

Wow...you have had a lot of family time. We need to have a good chat!