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Thursday, February 12, 2009

My OTHER sister...

I grew up next to a little girl all of my life that became my sister. Her mother is still my Aunt Donna. :) I see them as no different than my blood family. Aunt Donna was there for my mother during the whole process of the funeral and mourning. I love her dearly...

Getting to see Heather and her children was a real treat for me. :)

This is Dylan is Heather's 3rd child and he is so darn sweet!



This is Heather's newest itty bitty! She wouldn't wait on her Aunt Chelita...I wanted to help her mama and daddy on her birthday but that didn't happen. Stinkin' babies! Hee hee...


This is the DIVA, Desiree! She looks so much like the little girl Heather I loved as a child. But she is so different from her mother. She is the life of the party and is not bashful in the least. :) Isn't she beautiful?


Heather and her family have dealt with so much in the past year I wish them peace and happiness in this new year. I love you guys! You will always be family to me. :)


heather (weather) said...

Chelita-its great to see my family as part of your blog. I really hope one day soon that the only thing that is in between us-distance-will not be a factor anymore. I miss you guys soo much and would love to be even closer to you in many ways. you are a great person, and so strong for what you went through here on your visit to FL. oh and next time we have a visit-I am talking to you Eli and Dawsen-you big boys will not be able to escape from the pics. ps. Mike is trying his hardest every day to find something close to you-what a sweet man to move everything because he knows how much I want to be closer to your family(and, we are ready for a fresh start out of FLorida)! love you girl =)

Mama Teaching 2 said...

I LOVE YOU and YOURS to pieces! x0x0x0x0!