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Monday, April 13, 2009

A Boy Learning to Crochet

Remy has given Eli the hardest time about it too! *giggle*

Elijah loves to do things with his hands, almost everything I do that is crafty, Elijah does too. Well, he attempts to. :)

Remy has called him a girl so many times over it. Matthew finally found this on youtube.

It didn't seem to sway Remy's thoughts on the matter. And now Eli wants to not only learn to crochet, he wants to knit. Problem is I am just learning to crochet myself and knitting is not something I will learn until after I learn to crochet.

Here's the proof! He is getting pretty good at it.



Melissa said...

I'm definitely going to be teaching all my kids how to crochet and knit! Male or female. I keep trying to convince DH that he should learn as well, but he has no interest... something about it being a "girl activity". But, if we have boys, it's fine with him. Odd person, I think! ;-) Rebecca already loves the idea of knitting, and tries to help me, so she normally gets her own needles and a ball of yarn (nothing on the needles) so she can "knit" now too.

Vicki said...

Stephen was just like Eli when he was growing up and wanted to do whatever I was doing and then some. He did several latchhook rugs and got pretty good at crocheting. He would run and hide it when Jose' got home from work.

Sherri said...

See Eli! Stephen is a boy in every way :)! You go right ahead and crochet. Chelita, show Eli the pictures of Carter hand sewing his Build a Bear some pants :). Our boys aren't sissy...just very well rounded...haha!!!

Charlotte said...

Find some directions for finger knitting and let him teach himself to finger knit. It's really, really easy and will satisfy his desire until you're ready to teach him (learn yourself) to knit.

Heather the Mama Duk said...

That's awesome that they boys are into crafty things :)