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Monday, April 13, 2009

More Creature Time with Remy!

Remy found and played with this little skink for days. He fed it from his own hands and he held it alot. The only problem is that skinks aren't as loving as anoles and try as he may Remy just couldn't gain his affections. Mr. Skink let that tail go in an attempt to get away. It didn't work, but eventually he did pull a fast one on Remy and away he did run. Atleast we have his time spent with the little guy in photos. :)



I am so glad that Matthew took one of just his face, the wonderment there is so fulfilling to see. :)


He even was sure to give him little walks in the grass...


That same day he found a baby crawfish in the creek.



I have some baby turtle photos to share soon...yes...he found that in the creek too!

How I love my sweet creature boy.


Melissa said...

Oh, that skink must have been tiny! We had one here for a few days, it was found in our garden, but it was definitely much larger. :-)

That is one tiny crayfish!

Rhonda said...

♥Remy just melts my heart♥

Heather the Mama Duk said...

What a boy.