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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I Went to the Doctor...

I saw the surgeon today and I was a wreck. I begged Matthew to take me back home, my chest tightened up, my breathing was HARD, My palms were sweety, and I cried. I did. Matthew pulled me from the car, and I mean this. He laughed the whole time because he said that I am the strongest woman he knows, but also the wimpiest! Hee hee! I don't care, I was NERVOUS!

We got into the office and I almost pass out. Things were going in and out for me. The girl at the counter was like, are you in pain? Matthew told her nope, she is just really nervous. I am sure that chick thought I was nuts!

I get to the back and the nurse for the doctor takes my history, weight, and blood pressure. My blood pressure was high from that stress, and I could feel it. I hate it when someone tells me that if I enjoy having babies and do it without drugs that this is nothing. No, it isn't the same thing. And I can't stand it when women relate the birth of their child to scary surgery! COME ON! That pain is delicious! It ebbs and flows, you know in your heart that it is meaninful, purposeful. And you get a BABY in the end. A baby! Sweet and chunky and yummy! :)

I guess my labor has started early, first with weight loss, I still have a bit more to go on that, and now the surgery for my belly button hernia. Darnit! I just want a baby! This is too hard! :(

The doctor doesn't seem to think it will be more than him going in tucking and pulling together, 2 or more stitches, and getting me awake and ready to go home. He said 20 minutes tops for him, if all goes well. I am not happy about going under, I do not react well to the medicines. All I have to say is that I want a girl after all this crap.

My doctor had 5 girls before they got their boy! NO WAY! Matthew told him we would adopt a girl before we had that many boys! *snicker*

On the way out the ladies gave me my "Koff-a-lot" bear for after the surgery to help with the pain when I cough. Urgh!


I will let you all know how I feel Friday night! Only two days away! Eeeek!

We came home and the boys planted their herbs from Easter while I planted mine and did some yard work.


Remy and Elijah found a ladybug.



We checked on the little garden and look how much more the corn grew!


Our beans are sprouting!


Elijah was more excited about the watermelons!


I love these purple flowers every year. :)



Remy found a frog just like the ones he played with over a Sherri's when we cleaned the pool. He was so happy! I pulled up the name of it and on the web page it played the song they sing. The frog jumped from Remy's hand and onto the computer, I think he liked the singing! :)


Matthew has a job interview tomorrow at Target. I will let you all know! It isn't what he wants and we still have the "super neat thing" in the cards, but we have to secure some work just in case. ;)


Heather the Mama Duk said...

I so hear you on the difference between a drug-free birth and surgery!

Carisa said...

I SO pray it all works out for you...the surgery, getting pregnant, and a girl :).

I never knew how wonderful a girl would be...I didn't even care what I had, now I am so thankful she is a SHE!

:) Carisa

Britwife said...

I never, ever think about it. I was super lucky - I have 2 boys/2 girls. But I truly and honestly with hand on heart "think" I would've been glad no matter what the outcome. I'm easy like that! :)

Good luck on the interview to Matthew!

Good luck on the surgery to you....I am sure it will all go ok. I am like you- I react weirdly to medicines. I had my gallbladder removed and it was "supposed" to be easy. Doggone it - I couldn't wake up all day! (Maybe I needed to catch up on my sleep, who knows?)

Motherbird said...

Sorry you have to have the surgery, but just keep thinking of that reward! ;-)

Charlotte said...

Good luck with your surgery--did I read right that it's Friday?

I know you want a sweet little daughter, but there's something very sweet about three little boys, too. I can honestly say that I got to a place where I didn't want one or the other before Silas was conceived and it was so wonderful to know what he was with no pangs of regret. I hope you'll get there, too.

Michelle said...

I'll be thinking of you and hope your surgery goes well. I"m a big wimp too with any medical.

Tisha said...

God is in control, Chicadee! You know that! :) Everything is going to work out according to his purpose and it's going to be just PERFECT! :) Praying for you.

Rhonda said...

You can do this hon. You're a strong woman. Just keep thinking of that little bundle of joy you will have when all of this is over with. My prayers are with you. Please keep us posted as much as possible.

Your little garden is coming along nicely. Isn't it amazing how fast those little seeds grow?

That close up of the purple flower is gorgeous. Great shot.