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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

School Under the Apple Tree

In the front yard we have a favorite tree. Every child who comes to visit, loves this tree. Our crab apple tree is very sweet to us and today she sheltered us during our studies. :)


I had to post this next photo. Last night I was learning something new in my crochet lessons. It is by no means perfect and I was about to throw it out when Remy begged to have it and named "him" Shapey. He is named such, because he can be molded into any shape you want. Hee hee... Anyway, Remy did school with him under the apple tree today. I tell ya, that child makes me so happy sometimes and he makes my greatest defeats some of my happiest moments. :) Love you sweet boy.


Remy will finish up a part of a lesson and then run around. He found bugs and hung out in that sweet tree of ours. :)



At one point he wandered off and returned with a "bullie" (the u is short), which is what he has called a PB&J since he was a wee bit of a guy. He even set toothpicks in each half to jazz it up a bit. :) Nothing gives me more joy than watching that itty bit chow down on a "bullie" and become an icky sticky mess!


I had a SWEET and SUPER moment today! The mailman dropped off my blockbuster movies and as he went away the UPS man (box man) brought me some of Eli's 4th grade books! I met that man at the truck! He laughed and said, "Abeka books"? I guess he is clobbered by all mamas. He said that he will be delivering alot of them this summer. :)


We opened them right up on the lawn and enjoyed looking at each piece. :)


Matthew went to that job interview at Target. He applied for a store management position but they called him in today for a department manager position. The guy was like your to qualified for this and you should get a call in 3 days for the store management interview. It gave us a good sigh of relief! Just to think that a job could be out there! And Mattmos LOVES Target! :) It is MY store!

I am going to have some cleaning jobs tomorrow before the big surgery and then I will not be allowed to twist or bend for a week for cleaning or gardening. Just walking, bathroom, and stuff like that. He said I could drive after the first week. He doesn't want me popping that hernia back out. And I don't want that either!

That's the news on us! :)


Sherri said...

"Stuff like that" involves riding in the car to my house, right? It might rain all day Saturday, but I'm sure the kids will find plenty to do inside..or swim between the rains :).
I loved Remy in this post. He has stolen my heart...there's just something about him. He is so sweet and curious. It's no wonder that he makes you so happy!! It makes me happy to be around him, and he and Carter just play so well together.
I'm looking forward to Saturday. If you aren't feeling well enough to come over here, remember I will still come get the boys to help you out!!

Butter said...

What a lovely place to do school! And YAY for getting a box! I hope you get good news from Target.

Rhonda said...

I love your days Chelita. They are spent with such love.

That photo of the mail truck and the UPS truck just cracked me up. Glad to hear that Eli has received some of his books. I don't think that there is a homeschool mom out there that doesn't love days like that! :0)

Have fun cleaning and please make sure and take care of yourself after that surgery. You have 2 wonderful little boys, a loving husband, and a great friend to help you out, so please take it easy.

Michelle said...

School under an apple tree - that would make any school day great. I hope you find some other creative ideas for a table and chair.

Motherbird said...

Your tree is beautiful! Hope you are healing and will be feeling back to normal soon!

Jessica said...

Fun tree! I love days under the sun. :) And I LOVE Target too. Great store and it would be awesome for your husband to have a job I am sure too.