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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Who knew BIG Cleaning Jobs Could be Fun?

We went to Sherri's house today and helped scrub and ready the pool for the years new water. :) Madison did so much work! I was really impressed and shocked!

Mrs. Sherri took us in her car.


Carter had a little frog he had found in the pool and Remy of course fell in love!


I got my workout today and my talking...Matthew says FINALLY I got it all out! *laugh*

Remy enjoyed that empty pool.


Sherri's, Patrick is such a handsome young man. Sherri, you can snatch this photo or I can email the full sized file, let me know. :)


The kids were flopping around like a fish, Carter started it, and oh my gosh it was funny. Hee hee...

The crazy boy, Carter, who started the floppy fish! Sherri says he looks so much like she and Vicki, her twin sister, here. :)


My Madison!!! Sweetness never exsisted in the world without her here. :) She worked for her pool time, let me tell you!




Those frogs were the stars of the show today. Sherri finally had them all sit in a circle and allow the frogs to swim in the couple of inches of water we had in the pool. This went on for a very long time. ;)


I enjoyed my two days with the Sweetest family ever! I hope I can fall asleep tonight. Thankyou, Sherri, Madison, Patrick, and Carter! HUGS!


Laura said...

Looks like you guys are starting the summer off early with lots of water fun! Enjoy!!

Vicki said...

It only took Jose' and my BIL 30 or 45 minutes to get it up and start filling it. They both thought it was going to be an ordeal getting it up but it wasn't.

Kristine said...

Remy should come visit my neighbors pool. He has lots of frogs that need to be removed. One sounds like a big bullfrog! I bet he'd love it. =)

Rhonda said...

Looks like tons of fun. That "fish out of water" video cracked me up. Chelita, I just loved hearing you laugh! It sounded wonderful!

Sherri said...

I laugh so hard everytime I watch that video. That was so funny when Carter started doing that..just another one of those great laughing moments.
You called Patrick Carter in that one picture..haha. I guess it gets confusing with 7 kids, huh?
I almost called you yesterday. Jeff and Carter went fishing, so it was just me, Madison, Patrick, Derek(Patrick's friend), Elyse(Madison's friend), and Josh. Cathy came over some, but I almost called you back over. The kids were in the pool most of the day. It was still not quite half full, so they had a good time.
I loved your post. I am working on mine right now!!

Heather the Mama Duk said...

Looks like so much fun! The boys and the frogs. Too funny.

Tisha said...

FUN!! I'm glad you had a good laugh. It is the best medicine. :)