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Friday, April 24, 2009

Simple Days with Friends are Sweet INDEED!

We spent the day with our friends Sherri, Madison, Patrick, and Carter. We had a PACKED car and boy did I need the time away from the house and the worries. ;) Sherri just makes you loosen up and she allows you to be YOU! I have found it very hard to find friends who like you EXACTLY the way you are. To be silly, and hyper, and free with a girlfriend is one of the most treasured moments I have found on this blessed Earth. :)

We went to the local park and the children were just a dream. We ate bad for you snacks and lazily fished. It was fun, even if we didn't catch a thing! Hee hee.

If you are a long time reader here you will remember when Remy made his birthday list and he included only one child on that list. Carter was that child. I bet you can tell why. :)





Carter is a fun loving, wild at heart, SWEET young man! I am convinced that boy has MUSIC in his SOUL and it shines out of him! :)

They caught something...little fish.


Remy brought him home, the leech, and he was dehydrated and rolled up in a ball. He plopped him into a bottle of water and he came alive! Totally gross! Remy even had one on his foot at one point, he wasn't concerned. ;)

We had some company as well...

This little bluebird was so pretty. My grandmother loves them and she collected blue bird figurines when I was a little girl. Just a memory that popped into my head. *sigh* I need to call Ninny Jack tomorrow.


Elijah and Patrick are the laid back, techy boys. :) Elijah told him today that he was his best boy friend. I loved it. :) For so long he hasn't cared for a friend other than Taylor. And Patrick is a wonderful child that I would love for him to spend more time with.


We were hungry, well Sherri and I needed something other than sugar and flour crap, so we went to a sandwich shop and ate outside. :)

The boys:

The Girls:

My soul feels lighter and I feel ready for the hardships we may encounter. Sherri may have to get me through this with her open heart and girlishness. :) Hugs, sweet friend!


Heather the Mama Duk said...

What an incredibly wonderful day!

Rhonda said...

LOL! I just got back from Sherri's blog and read all about your day. Then I come here and you have written almost the same thing. You ladies are just too cute! You always have the kindest words for each other. That Bluebird is just gorgeous. Oh how I wish that we would see one of those at our backyard feeder.

Tisha said...

Complete sweetness!