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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Myka came to visit!

Myka and I always SWEAR on our lives to get together during the summer. Well...we did start it out right this year. We both get busy and tend to forget our plans. I enjoy her company and tonight she and her husband and children brought me some much needed laughter and joy! They always make me feel peaceful and loved. :)

She made a fiesta meal and came over to feed us yummy food with great company. :)

Myka can cook anything from scratch without a recipe and it will taste like she slaved over it for ever. She has three boys I could eat up. Steve her husband is the BEST! He makes me laugh and forget my worries. This is just truly one of those families God has given me as a gift.

Asa is the littlest one of the bunch and he is so sweet. He has the sweetest kisses and snuggles. I could just smell him and hold him all day and night. He is very good tempered and cute!


The kids went swimming in the dark, but Abram didn't stay in, so I don't have a photo of him. :( But Alban and my boys did pose for me. It is rare that Remy will smile like this in a photo...so you know he was super excited. I usually have to make him stop being silly and giving me crazy looks for the camera. He is happy in this one. Eli...he is such the little actor!


The little fish!


Alban jumping in...



We are having so much fun with friends and this wonderful sunshine. :) I love how the seasons change and afford us a change of pace throughout the year. :)


Rhonda said...

Looks like the kids had a great time and I was happy to hear that you were smiling and laughing.

Amy said...

I'm enjoying reading your blog....I ventured over here via Sherri's HS blog. I'm a HSing mom too....my oldest is in college now, but I still have 4 at home. Looking forward to getting to know you & your adorable little boys better. Come visit my blog if you have time. ;-)

Butter said...

What a fun time!