A Mom and a Family of Men!

Friday, June 05, 2009

Mikey and Remy

Mikey (Sabrina's first son) and Remy have had a love hate kind of relationship. She and I have had to seperate them and make them treat each other nicely more times than I can count. They just clash! Remy tells me that he tries so very hard to be nice to him, but that he just gets carried away. He loves Mikey. He really does.

The last few times they have played together I have seen a big difference.

Today we didn't hear a word from them for hours! We kept checking in on them. I kept thinking soon he will make Mikey cry, or soon Mikey will aggravate Remy. It never happened.

Mikey can talk really well now, he is a playmate instead of someone that needs direction in play, and Remy and he have a similar interest.