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Friday, June 05, 2009

Birdie Fun with Robins

Elijah started studying robins a few days ago in school.



And he planted a "sensitive plant".


Remy read a play about Robin parents and little baby robin birds.


He made a mobile.


He used flys to help him in math.


It is hard to see what this is a photo of. I drew a cookie and he was able to put a vanilla chip on the cookie for each spelling word he spelled correctly. And then he ate them up. ;)


He studied his hand in science and then he drew it.


Remy also drew this cute monster for me. :)


We had a great week of school with daddy home and now we are up for a wonderful weekend with my childhood friend Heather and her family. Lots of bloggy goodness for me to update with come Monday. :)

Matthew had the call from Target FINALLY, we are now waiting that call for the second interview! We so need this!


Rhonda said...

Oh how neat! I love seeing all of the things that Remy does for his lessons. I just get so tickled when I remember Lindsay doing those things too. Check your mail. I am sending ya something. :0)

Anonymous said...

Cool that he planted a sensitive plant. You can get the best seeds and growing kits at http://www.sensitiveplant.com and see a cool video of this interactive plant.

Motherbird said...

Aw, I just love Robins! ;-)

Sherry said...

cool monster!!

Britwife said...

Your homeschool is such a great thing! Have I mentioned (only a hundred times - I know!) how envious I am of you? I keep begging my kids to come back to our little homeschool on the prairie here....but they want to stay in "regular" school. Sigh.

Good luck to Matthew! I am still praying for you.

Mama Teaching 2 said...

Britwife, tell them they are crazy, and to come home!

Heather the Mama Duk said...

I love the cookie/chips idea.