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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Chinese Brush Painting

I finally brought out the paints, paper, and brushes. I set up the table for my men and we finished up the unit on China we have been on forever. We haven't moved on because I just kept putting this project off. The guide said to have them paint pictograms with brushes but I thought we could make it a little more artistic. I am in love with this way of painting now. It is so gentle and the painting evolve with very little effort on your part. Remy even got it down at the last moments and painted a very good fish, his best painting ever!

We used this book:
The Chinese Brush Painting Handbook

This is Remy's paper. I love his fish!


Elijah's web and branch looks as good as daddy's web and branch. Elijah spent most of his time on that bird.


I had so much fun! :) This one is MINE!


And now the Daddy Person's art...


Remy did have a bit of a melt down with painting again. He seems to have better control with pens and pencils and he gets the results he desires with those tools. He went away and had a good cry and then he came back and made that fish. He was so proud and I think it clicked for him. Yay!


Beyond Blessed said...

All the paintings look fantastic! I am impressed! I can relate, Remy, don't worry. I feel like I can't be incontrol or get the best results with paining vs pen or pencil. But when I discovered that my painting doesn't have to look like anyone else's or just like the book, or even look good to anyone else but me, then I began to really like painting. I am still not really great at it, but I enjoy it!! Mama is right, your fish is awesome!!

A Higher Calling Christian Academy said...

As always, just BEAUTIFUL paintings! Don't know WHY you put it off so long. Looks like you guys had fun - except for the melt-down. :-)

Sybille said...

Oooh, I love this! Wonderful! Great!

Mica said...

these are all wonderful works. thank you for sharing!!!! Mica

School for Us said...

WOW!!! Those are beautiful!!! Have you been following Jimmie's One Child Policy blog? She's been taking lessons & it looks like so much fun.

Butter said...

Those are really awesome!

Aliadelaide said...

beautiful art work!