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Monday, October 05, 2009

Have a nice life little turtle!

Remy found this little guy when we had lots of rain and the swamp/bayou by our house overflowed into a drainage/creek area behind our house. He played with him a while but I made him set him free because we have the mammoths they bought all those years ago in our house and we don't need three of them.

They named him Cosmo.


What a sad walk...


Setting him free!


Now he has an empty habitat to put something else in!


Remy had a blast this year. He found so many neat animals that he kept and played with for a time before letting go. I love that he loves the animals so much.


Motherbird said...

Aww, I would have had a hard time letting it go too! Turtles are my favorite and that is such a cute one! Great name too btw. Can't wait to see what Remy will catch next.

Melissa said...

Aww... we're trying to figure out how to winter our lovely three-footed pet turtle. Best for it would be to let it bury itself in some leaves and hibernate outside (easiest for us too, since we wouldn't have to catch critters for it in mid-winter!).

Beyond Blessed said...

I just wubby my wittle Remmers!! He is a little Steve Irwin :)

Butter said...

That's a nice looking turtle!