A Mom and a Family of Men!

Saturday, February 27, 2010


Remy was able to catch and hold CRITTERS! Spring is on its way!!!!!!!!!!

We found this bug on our bushes.


We went for a walk and found this guy lounging in the water.


Awww, look at her, ain't she a beaut! *giggle*


I love the eyes!


Now, if the weather goes to cold again, I may need to send Remy off somewhere because the whinning will be TOO MUCH!


Kristine said...

This gives me hope spring IS coming! Elvis loves to hunt for insects too. He is itching to get outside and find some.

Heather the Mama Duk said...

He is such a boy lol Spring... oh how I'd love to see spring!

Julia said...

Oh, now I REALLY have spring fever!

Rhonda said...

Now these are some great critter photos. It is beautiful and sunny here today. I think that if our rain and cold comes back I will be whining right along side of Remy.

Mica said...

how fun to find creatures in your own back yard. Freckles had fun with her lizard the other day. I love that toad you found..it is pretty BIG!!! Mica

Jessica said...

What a cute frog! Wish we had them just wondering around. We would have to spend some good time in the Mountains for the hopes of that one and I don't plan on camping this year all huge and pregnant. Glad he enjoyed his bugs and fun!