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Friday, March 19, 2010

Bird Study and Other Art

Elijah studied about the little Thrush and decided it had a slender bill and big eyes.


He says the Northern Oriole has brilliant plumage and a sweet song. ;)


He drew free hand the two lions side by side. I really have to work on shading with him. I don't think he got it on his own. Or maybe I should just ask Matthew the artist to deal with it. :)


Eli has been dreaming of spring, flowers, warmth, etc. I wonder if that is why the snowman is so sad?


Remy drew this little dog starting with one shape, a jelly bean shape. Cute!


Remy also brought this to me after I had my sonogram.


HA HA! Isn't he just great?


Rhonda said...

I loved when we did our bird study. We still find new birds and then go and grab our bird books and read up on them. Elijah's drawings of the lions are just great. He draws way better than I do. LOL! I remember Lindsay doing those jellybean animals. All of the work that Remy does reminds me of when Lindsay was younger.It just makes me smile. I love Abeka's arts and crafts. The photo of the sonogram just melted my heart. That is some special little boys you have there.♥

Kristin said...

Wow, what great little artists you have! :)

Mica said...

Love the art work...fun studies!!! I especially love the sonogram..I hope you'll keep that one forever...maybe a scrapbook page for the new baby... How are you feeling??? Hugs, Mica

Claire said...

What precious drawings!

Sherri said...

The ultrasound drawing...sweet stuff!! I was impressed with his dog picture!!

Beyond Blessed said...

Oh my goodness! I am in love with Remy's sweet sonogram picture. It is so beautiful how much the boys are interested in being involved with your pregnancy. :) They are gonna be the best big brothers.

Is shading an art requirement?