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Friday, March 19, 2010

More Fun with Sounds

High and low sounds:


We cut the balloon so we could fit it easily over the wide end of the funnel.


We fastened the rubber band to help hold it into place. We took our time patting the balloon while it was lose and then stretched tighter. The sound would change from high to low. Elijah decided that it was very much like our vocal cords. ;) Gotta love experiments.


As he played around with it we found it was acting like an eardrum when we spoke close to the balloon or through the funnel. The sound waves would cause it to vibrate just like the eardrum.

Very fun and easy experiment.

We were reading about sounds that bounce back like echoes and ultrasound. Elijah thought it was very fitting we were learning this after I had just had a sonogram. ;)


With Remy's help he observed how the potential energy was converted to moving energy and how it bounced back and forth after released.


Rhonda said...

You and those boys always do the coolest experiments.

Catherine Anne said...

We too are a hs family. I love what you have going here:)

Phyllis said...

Cool eardrum. I am gonna have to do that one!

Heather the Mama Duk said...

Those are great!

Beyond Blessed said...

What a fantastic experiment! Justin will love this :) What experiment book are you using? The slinky idea was great too! DId the boys come up with that after you had the sonogram? They have such incredible minds!!