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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

First Dip in the Pool and Remy's Pox of the Chicken

The boys nagged me all day long! I gave in when I heard for the last time I could stand that Remy was itchy. I figured a nice dip in a cold pool and then a hot bath would help him for a while. It did by the way. He hasn't complained since!




Atleast he is stylin' with his tattoos and his curious protusions! Hee hee


I have to giggle. We called the peds office this morning to make sure that is what he had...I was in denial. It is just crazy to me. And they were right away saying YES that is what it is and PLEASE don't bring him up here! HA HA! I hadn't planned on it!

What is bad about this is the quarantine and he feels good. He is driving me nuts.


A Higher Calling Christian Academy said...

LOVE the tooth coming in! Very cute! And the spots, along with the tattoos, are too cute! Glad he was feeling good enough to have some fun! I'm sure the boys are completely thrilled that it's warm enough for the pool!

Shannon said...

Oh no! Chicken Pox! I keep hoping my kids will get them - we hang around every kid we know who gets them - but no luck! When I got them as a kid i only had 35 spots - my sister had a trillion! I guess the vaccine is working. I just hope they don't get them when they are adults!

Rhonda said...

Hey at least he is all smiles. He just cracks me up! Such a good little boy!

Heather the Mama Duk said...

Lucky you didn't have to lug him to the doctor. Our ped when the kids had it required us to bring them in to get it "verified." Of course since they each got it once a week that meant a visit a week for three weeks for nothing more than "Yup, that's chicken pox. See you next time."