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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

We have an EVIL contaminated Chicken in our house!

It appears Remy has the Pox of the chicken! :( He is not happy about it and sulking in his oatmeal bath as I type this update for you all. Let's hope Eli and I stay clear of it. YIKES!

Any words of wisdom for us, mamas who have been there?


jugglingpaynes said...

Have you contacted your friends so that they know they've been exposed. And can get exposed if they want it? :oD
Seriously, to be on the safe side, if he takes any classes or is in any groups, let the teachers and adults know. One of my friends accidentally exposed her child to a teacher who had never had chicken pox and she felt awful about it.
Plan several fun movies and plan to hibernate for a while. They are contagious from 10 days before they show symptoms until the last pox scabs over.

Get well soon!
Peace and Laughter,

Mama Teaching 2 said...

We haven't been around ANYONE we know since I am a pregnant hermit. HA HA.

Yep, we are planning for a long hibernation. Even had to cancel some appointments. Blah!

Spesamor Academy said...

I wish I could come visit. I'm wanting my kids to get the pox NOW. I caught them when I was 17 and it was not fun. My nieces and nephews had it as kids and breezed right through it.
Just plan on filling the next week or so with lots of books and quiet games and cuddling on the couch. Oh, and baths. :)

Jessica said...

I wish my kids could visit too. I had it when I was 6 and a pretty bad case of it too, but as much as it would stink I would like the girls to get it young. Its nice to be immune and I would want them to get it before little one arrives.

Heather the Mama Duk said...

Who said a pox on your house? I don't think they really meant it.

Having gone through it with the three of my kids that were outside the womb two years ago, it is good to have them get it wild and not have to ever worry about being pushed to get the vaccine.

Julia said...

Aw, poor Remy!