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Monday, April 19, 2010

Make your own compass!

This was pretty cool you guys!

First Elijah and I prepared the base from a styrofoam cup. We just cut the bottom off of one. Be sure to even it out.


You want to end up with your hand sewing needle just barely hanging off both sides of the styrofoam cup.


Use your bar magnet, it doesn't matter which end, and rub the one end of the magnet in one direction only on the pointy side of your needle. Eli did this for some time. I guess he liked it.


Use just a little dot of glue to secure you needle on your foam. Set the compass you made into the water of a shallow bowl.


Now, watch it turn and spin until it stops.


Your needle should now point in a north-south direction!!!! How fun is this!!??


This was so neat to use after we read about earth being a magnet with two ends or poles. :) Enjoy this one yourself. Let us know if you try it.


Beyond Blessed said...

I can't figure out exactly how to do this. I will have to try it and learn by doing...I will look for books to read about the earth's magnetism. I love all your experiments. You make learning so fun mama!

Rhonda said...

I remember Melanie doing this! I love seeing the experiments that your boys do. How fun!

Spesamor Academy said...

Too cool! Nate has been wanting a compass, so he just might have to make his own.