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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Day THREE of the Lunch Challenge

Day three!


I needed something fast and simple so I took the left over pinto beans we had for supper one night, loaded them in the food processor (my best friend), and blended them up with garlic and onion powder. I also added some PINK salt.
Nicole and I are a little crazy about our pink salt. ;)

I did serve some cheese in these. I only had some leftover white tortillas. I would have preferred mine on wheat. The strawberries and raisins were good so I am told. ;) The other things are peanut butter filled whole wheat organic pretzels. YUMMY is what they are! I can eat the whole bag. The kids felt special that I would share them. HA HA

Everything was eaten. Remy declared me a bean genius! I think that is an okay title.


Jolene said...

My kiddos love the PB stuffed pretzyls!

Jolene said...

I read further down below...i think I am def going to join this with u! It has been very hard for me to go completely Raw...lol...I dont think I am quite ready for that yet! I tried it and just wasnt as thrilled as I thought I would be...LOL! Sounds horrible but I really think it is such a big change for me...have to do it slowly...so maby I will try vegan at first...then move slowly to raw.
But anyways...Im in! And I think this is a really neat challenge

Julia said...

I left you an award on my blog.... I hope you will accept it


Catherine Anne said...

looks great