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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Day TWO of the Lunch Challenge

Yesterday we had to pack up our lunch and take it on the road.

Matthew and I made a
Curried Potato Salad with Toasted Cumin the night before. It was YUCKY!!! I do not like potato salad that has a greek yogurt base, YUCK! Learned something new! HA HA

I had also packed sandwich fixings like bread, condiments, tofurkey deli sliced "turkey", etc. We did have those and they were YUMMY of course. I bought a bag of Sun Chips to give us a little something extra and they helped to round out the meal. ;) We had water as our beverage. All in all it wasn't anything special but it was a yummy lunch out of doors that was very affordable and we knew what was in it. :) No hidden carbs for the Eliman! I always love that.


Julie said...

Sounds good!! Healthy is so worth it!

The soup cracked me up..sounds like it would be so good. I've tried recipes like that..such a waste!

Motherbird said...

This is great Chelita! I just may play along. I have been back at doing the veg thing anyway. Thanks for sharing- I'm glad I stopped by your blog today!