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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Noah Bleu ~ Two Weeks Old

Our little Bumble Bleu is the life of the party at our house. This week we said goodbye to Nanna after a months time of memories and journeys to our third child and her fifth grandbaby. We miss her so much!!!

I must say that I am in BLISS caring for this wee creature! I love him. I adore him. I think he is most excellant! I mentioned on facebook, "Noah smells so good that he enchants me from my responsibilities. It is like he is a little faerie who has spirited me away into the tree and a 100 years have passed instead of a few hours."

I am totally in love with my third little papoose. I am so glad he is here and he is mine. I ask Matthew daily if he is really real! I can't believe he is ours. *sigh*

I love his little MOHAWK!!! It is so blonde!



But he really doesn't like being out of MY arms. Heaven!


He loves to be outside. This is my favorite mobile photo of the week.


I could just EAT HIMS UP!




I hope you were able to gush over him the way we all do. Night Night! He is calling me to bed!



jugglingpaynes said...

So sweet! The mohawk is adorable!

Peace and Laughter,

Donette said...

gorgeous mamma!

Sharon Posey said...

super snuggles!!
I love the way he is passed out on daddy's shoulder.

I'm in love!!

Julia said...

Oh, Chelita... he is so perfect!! I want to kiss and cuddle him in the worst way!!

Claire said...

He's so sweet!

Shannon said...

OHHH!!! He is so sweet! I love the hair! My sweet wee one is already 7 months old! Time is flying by too quickly! Enjoy these days of infanthood!

Eagle Star Academy said...

Oh Chelita!! I love him!!

Spesamor Academy said...

He is so adorable! I love those eyes!

Rhonda said...

I love him, I love him, I love him! ♥

Sherri said...

The last picture is torture! When I come over the next time, I want him to have that outfit on!!!

Jolene said...

OMGsh he's so adorable!!!! That mohawk is so sweet ♥

Jessica said...

I love the sleeping picture!!

Mica said...

he is adorable. LOVE his hair! Mica