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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Remy's Beaver Experiment

Remy has been learning about beavers in science. We have read lots of beaver books and looked at pictures on how they build their homes. He loved seeing how they tend to their babies.

First Remy experimented with his own hand as a "paddle"

And then we simulated webbed feet with a plastic bag.


He said it did help and it made more ripples, too.

Even Noah gets in on this lesson...he looks thrilled! HA HA!


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Retro said...

Man, I wanted to do this demonstration when we talked about Beavers but Mario wasn't interested. He's never into the things I think he will be. But he really really wanted to sprout the beans even though we've done that a million times. Ah well. :)

I'm glad your boys loved it. I would have like to try it myself!