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Sunday, February 06, 2011

Day 6 ~ PawPaw Jackson

My grandfather lived in a very different time. The things that make me love him are directly from that time. He grew up in an entirely different way than I. It is what makes him neat.

Every year for as long as I can remember he plants a huge garden. I have never seen anyone else do this in my life. It has grown smaller I think through the years. He has raised honeybees, chickens, pigs, and I am sure other things. until recently he has always had a little dog as his companion. He will teach that dog to farm. I do not kid...truth...the dog learns to do many things.

He told me once when he was little that he made a little cart and attached it to his doggie to pull. I so wish I could see that. He tied strings to june bugs and watched them buzz around in circles. He even took paper and made a little movie picture that would spin and make movement. He was one of those last children in the "woods". This means he was free to be a boy. Pawpaw climbed, ran, chased, and grabbed life by the tail.

When he was in the service he likes to tell me how unglorious it was. Your not free to do as you want. His free spirit didn't care for that life. He recalls being told when to sleep, wake, eat, you get the point. He told me he did it because he wanted to marry my Ninny.

Once while in the service he stopped in to a little pulled pork sandwich shop. They served little tiny sandwiches. He said he was eating away and bit into one of the last ones and his teeth slid. He tried to bite again...same thing! He pulled open the bun to find a pig eye! Imagine me as a girl rolling on the floor squealing over that story. HA HA

My grandfather only had occasion to whip me once. I never thought it would happen. Believe me, it never happened again.

He likes to pull his sleeves up and flex his muscles for us all to see. What a peacock he can be. Hee hee He also love for us kids to sit with him and pat his head and hug on him. I had a very loving grandfather when I was growing up. I still love to snuggle him. I loved the way he smelled on Sundays.

Once when I was a little girl I went to church with him. He took me to the altar and gave his testimony about me. I remember him tearing up as he told the story of my birth and how I was the 4 to 5 year old girl beside him. He praised God infront of the whole church that morning. I remembering feeling super proud that I had pulled it off and lived. No humility, people, Ha ha'

He built a playhouse for my cousin Sandi and I. We went in it, saw a green frog or lizard, and we refused to play in it. Poor PawPaw. :(

Once my cousin Craig and I pulled all the bark off of one of his trees. He was so upset over that tree. It was then I learned that bark is the trees clothes. Oops.

My favorite memories must be him with my children. He loves to take the boys on his tractor. He eats pineapple sandwiches with them in a little hut he made up for them. The boys don't seem to be afraid of green reptiles. ;)

I love you Pawpaw. I love the way you plant and grow your food. I love that you still plan to do one each year even if it is hard on you. I love the way you love my boys. You have lived a very neat life and I thankyou for our long talks about the bible and the long theological directions they take. One day we will see together the things we have spoken on. Please, always be my Valentine. :)






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Rhonda said...

Awwww! I miss my Paw Paws. Both of them *cries*