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Saturday, March 26, 2011


Sometimes I am reminded that God is really the only one keeping us here. He is reminding me often that if it isn't your time to go...it isn't your time to go. Ever have those moments? There is really nothing that one can do to prolong their life, only the quality of life that we are given. That is a deep thought.

We had a big storm and once during it we heard a loud crack and boom sound! The boys and I looked at each other. It was a sound different and closer than the sound the other rumbles were making. In the morning we found this.


That is one large tree limb that looks like a small tree next to the big tree. When it fell, it feel and embedded itself into the ground by about a foot or so! What if that limb had fallen when the boys were standing there? The boys and I couldn't get the limb out of the ground. It was in there tight like the "sword in the stone"! Matthew had to pull it out!

Now I find myself looking up to eye those branches from time to time. While the boys found it intriguing, I found it scary. I wish I had taken the photo with a boy next to it so I could have shown how massive this thing was.

It was neat and caused some excitement here. :)

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Shannon said...

WOW! That is amazing! It does look just like a tree next to the big one! Praising God your boys were all safe!