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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Peter Pan ~ Book 6

I only have 46 books left to read!

I really enjoyed the real Peter Pan. Once again, Disney, the thief of stories has taken a classic and turned it upside down with just a enough of a hint of the real deal. This story was much darker than what Disney protrays in the movie and books they create.

The children are gone for some time, they actually KILL pirates and indians. The pirates and Indians attack back. I often found myself worried about those children when I wasn't reading. Neverland is a very scary place at times.

You must read as the ending is so good. :)


Lizzie said...

Not a huge Disney fan here. We loved Peter Pan.

Sharon Posey said...

Tink was something else in that book wasn't she? I loved it, but I don't think I'll be letting the kiddo read it until he's older. Right now he LOVES Tinkerbell haha, I don't want to ruin his perception just yet.

Mama Teaching 3 said...

Sharon, she was!

Roxanne said...

I for one was so surprised when I read the real deal.

If I were still in college, I could see doing some sort of dissertation about children's lit regarding how the writing used to be so harsh and dark. Then I would compare it to how it was all sanitized, yet television and video games have taken "harsh and dark" to a whole new level. Makes one wonder if there's some sort of correlation?

What a thought to have first thing in the morning LOL!