A Mom and a Family of Men!

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Baby School

My boys are so into teaching Noah anything and everything. I beg them daily to back off of MY BABY so he has a chance of staying wittle for crying out loud! Hims is my baby! I ordered a baby! Stop turning hims into a big boy!





Noah loves for them to spend time with him. It has really been incredible to watch them together. Noah is so rotten because he never has to really ask for anything. We all run to do his bidding. Hee hee

I have a feeling they will end up taking his schooling from me when it really starts to happen. I think I can share. ;)


SuggaMama said...

You are so blessed!

Tisha said...

He's so sweet! I love how you all just fawn all over him. He deserves it! He's a perfect squishy.