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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Making a Spectrum (Eli the Rainbow Maker)

Eliman has been drooling over his prism we bought him. I told him to just wait. I knew this experiment was coming up. :)

We have been learning how one can seperate the white light into the colors of the spectrum. We created our own prism once before with a glass or water, mirror,and a flashlight. It was SUPER NEAT to have a real prism. Eli counts it as one of his precious belongings now. I love it.

We do not have enough of a light source through our windows. We used a flashlight in the bathroom so we could catch the spectrum with the camera. We had a great time lining it all up just right.


Learning how we see color is fascinating to me. What a wonderful creator we have to think this all out for us.


Phyllis said...

Wonderful photo! So bright. I know that is hard to capture on camera. Fun!

Rhonda said...

We have a prism also and the girls did an experiment like this using the black pad on the trampoline and the suns light rays. It was awesome! Great photo!

Sadie said...

We studied light at the end of this past school year. I thought it was all very interesting. My little ones played with the prism forever afterwards too :)