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Monday, June 28, 2010

Roy G. Biv

Remy is still learning about weather and we did some pretty neat things with rainbows! He learned to say, "Roy G. Biv" to remember the colors of the rainbow.

He used this experiment with MILK to learn how colors mix.

He used a cup of milk and put five drops of yellow, blue, and red in the bowl.


Next, he put a drop of dish soap in the middle of the bowl.


As the colors swirled and mixed we saw the other colors of the rainbow!


For our second experiment we wanted to
MAKE a rainbow, for really. ;)If you click that link be sure to scroll down for the experiment we used.

We started with a glass of water and a mirror inside of it.


We turned the flashlight on it and moved it around until we found...


...a rainbow!!!


He then wanted to find the colors in order. :)

To finish up rainbows we made an
edible rainbow!


We had so much fun with this!


Julia said...

That edible rainbow is SO awesome!

jugglingpaynes said...

Wonderful experiments (as usual!). Good ol' ROY. I remember when I learned that trick to remember the color order. :o)

Peace and Laughter,

Jolene said...

That edible rainbow looks divine

Julie said...

Wow..what a creative mommy you are. My kids love doing these kinds of things!! The edible rainbow looks so yummy!

So...I remember hearing somewhere that ROY G BIV no longer is correct. I don't remember why..maybe they changed a color. ha ha

Mama Teaching 2 said...

Julie, they most likely did. HA HA. My children are still ticked about pluto. ;) Elijah's new science book left him out as a planet and he was NONE to happy. I can't take this from him, too! HEE HEE

Beyond Blessed said...

During an intense game of Cranium, my friends and I came across a card discussing the color spectrums of a rainbow. It said, "There are 7 color spectrums in a rainbow" - TRUE or FALSE. I responded TRUE, with ROY G BIV in mind, but I was horribly deceived when the card read that ROY G BIV was no longer accurate and there are only 6 - apparently Indigo peaced out. Now my heart is broken a sencond time. Thanks a lot Pluto and Indigo. :(

Beyond Blessed said...

My hopes and dreams were crushed with those relevations. But, it finally made sense as to why every time we saw a rainbow we would never see indigo, and Justin would ask about it, and I would be like...umm...maybe we just can't see it??
What's next? What are they going to take from us next?!?!?!

Mama Teaching 2 said...

Jenna, you always crack me up!!!! LOL

Jennifer said...

Thanks for sharing the fun rainbow ideas. (I'm homeschooling in Louisiana, too.)