A Mom and a Family of Men!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Who Says a Mom Can't Pass on Her Gifts to Her Sons?

I love sitting with other homeschool mothers and observing our children. It is so neat to see the talents all these moms share with not only daughters, but sons. I used to ache for a daughter, but God has really brought me full circle. I can now see that I was the mother to these men for a reason. My unique gifts were meant for them, not the daughters I may someday hold in my arms. I truly feel I wasn't gifted a daughter because I needed sons. I also feel that they needed me. They need my talents, my thoughts, and my moments in life. Our children are given to us as special on-purpose gifts. He hand picks and creates the child within us. We are meant for each other.

I know many of the moms in my life who don't get that it is okay for my boys to sew, crochet, or cook with joy. But they have been fed the lie. The lie is that you can only share your womanly arts and gifts with your daughters. Somehow in America most have decided that boys are to be MEN at all times. The funny thing is that most of the things women do well were started by men, invented by men, really.

I like that my boys can be boys. I do! I love filthy messes all over them from a day out at play. I love the creatures Remy finds. I love the movies they are drawn to because they are men. Men crave manly things. But I also find such joy in sharing who I am with them. Teaching them how to do the things I know how to do well. Because of it they tell me how great I am. I even have boys who are interested in the things I love. It isn't a one sided relationship. Through these men I have grown to love nature. I have been invited into the secret world of men just as much as they have been invited into the world of women by me. :) I know it will all serve them well.

Elijah stitched up his first garment this October. He loves Zelda. Making his own Link costume was so much fun for him. Parts of it he did, parts I did, but we worked together. He can now read a pattern and understands it isn't magic that makes a garment, just hands, and time.






I had to laugh because he figured out quickly that sewing is much easier than knitting or crochet.

What can be more fun for a boy than to know he made most of this?


See how a little boy can learn something that is considered girly and use it to be so boyish? :)


Rhonda said...

You have such a love in your heart for your children that I completely adore about you. Those boys are so lucky to have a momma like you. You are raising them with such great values and it shows in every post that you blog about.

Mica said...

LINK! I love it...he did a great job...I think it's great that a boy/man does handy work too. I am impressed!